PDF Repair Tool

Are you dealing with PDF issues as mentioned below?
  • An error occurred while opening PDF document and the file cannot be found.
  • Unexpected incorrect or corrupted file type.
  • PDF files are damaged or corrupted.
  • The root objects is invalid or missing.
  • File is damages and cannot be repair.

Well, if “ Yes ” then unfortunately your PDF file is corrupted or damaged and needs repair. It is only way to retrieve your data stored in the file. So, just download and use PDF Repair Tool and restore all data of your PDF file.

pdf file recovery

About PDF file

PDF stands for Portable Document Format; it is a file format which has captured the entire elements of a printed document as an electronic image which you can navigate, view, forward to someone else or print. These files are especially useful for documents like product vouchers, magazine articles, or flyers in which you want to conserve the unique graphic appearance online. A PDF file can contain one or more page images, and each of them you can zoom in or out from. You can also page forward or backward.

This file is created by using Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat capture or similar product. You will require a free Acrobat Reader to view and use PDF file and it can easily download and install. Once you have downloaded the reader in your computer then it will start automatically where you want to use or see a PDF file.


How PDF files Corrupts? What are reasons behind this?

Like other file or documents PDF files May also get corrupt, there are numerous causes of this file corruption. When the file get corrupts then it uses to generate several types of error message. The entire error message depends on causes of corruption. In corruption situation you won’t be able to open PDF documents or if it opens then garbage data displayed.

Causes of PDF file corruption: There could be lots of reasons due to which the files can get corrupt. Some of the common reasons/causes listed underneath.

  • Improper Download process - Due to incorrect download process most of the files gets corrupted. If the net connectivity get disconnected while file downloading then it get corrupt.
  • Incorrect Creation process - Some program cannot be able to create PDF file correctly so when user try to upload it on internet it occurred error.
  • Incompatible Viewer program - All Viewer program are not compatible with all the PDF creator software so it could get corrupt or it can generate incompatibility error.
  • Improper system shutdown - If system get shutdown while creating a file then the opened PDF document get damage.
  • Virus attack - Malware or Virus attacks leads to PDF corruption.

How to Repair Damaged/Corrupt/Inaccessible PDF Files?

Once when PDF file get corrupt then repairing is the only option to access and restore it with the help of PDF Repair software which is specially designed to repair any type of broken or damaged PDF files. The software is apt for handling all instances of file corruption. The tool is your one-stop solution for making efficient repair in cases of all PDF file corruption errors. The tool empowers you to recover all objects contained in your file, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments, notes, header and footer, etc. With this competent utility, you can also recover page tree and cross-reference table. It is the complete solution software for your PDF files.

Features of PDF Repair Software

  • Recover Corrupt PDF File – This software can repair the damaged file safely during download, upload or normal usage. This utility can restore clip art, word art, charts, shapes, tables and more easily.
  • PDF recovery from external storage media – You do not require transferring the file to your system as the software can make repairs directly by accessing the external media.
  • Remove Restriction – The tool helps you to remove restrictions and security permissions applied to your files. You can remove permission for printing, editing, copying and so on.
  • Solution for all corruption errors – The software is apt for handling all instances of file corruption.
  • Save repaired file – By using this repair tools you can save the repaired PDF of these following versions: PDF 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6. The repaired file will be saved in the same version as the original file.
  • Complete recovery – The tool empowers you to recover all objects contained in your PDF file, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments, notes, header and footer, etc.
  • Extract images – If a PDF file consists of images and if you want to extract them, then the software proves to be your saving grace.
  • Searches the file – If you forgot the path and location of your PDF files then you can search them with the help of this software.
  • User friendly GUI – It is the traits of the software which takes you via the few simple steps for performing the repair.
  • Live update wizard – The software features an exclusive option for performing software updates. You can use the update wizard for installing live updates of the application without a hitch.

Steps to Repair PDF file

When your PDF file gets corrupted or damaged due to ant reason and you cannot access the file then use PDF Repair Tool to scan your files to get back the data as soon as possible. Below you have the detailed instruction on how to recover corrupted PDF file: